Like all top artists, Gloria has developed a trademark look that defines her art. She draws inspiration from contemporary Hollywood glamour, high fashion, chic and the latest techniques to achieve flawless, highly polished results that are both trendy and unique. This has earned Gloria the nickname “Guru of Brides”, and she has become one of the most sought-after bridal makeup and hair stylist in the business.

Always willing to teach, share her knowledge, and inspire women to try new fashion trends, find their personal style, and help them look and feel their best. Gloria regularly conducts training seminars and workshops for new artists from around the globe. She has trained and mentored many aspiring artists who today work in the industry.



Driving Industry Trends

Gloria also shares her knowledge and experience on her YouTube channel. Which contains a wide-raging selection of makeup and hair styling tutorials, product reviews, and many wedding day, bridal makeup and hair style videos.

Gloria is passionate about her work, and takes pride in the care and treatment she provides each and every client. Her creativity, friendly approach and experience will make you feel confident and relaxed.

Whether looking for a clean, natural look or dramatic, high fashion rendition, an intricate or simple hair-do, Gloria will create a professionally executed perfect look that is sure to please the most discerning client.